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Naturalist Interns 2021 -2022

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Group Photo of Interns
Portrait of Allie
Allie Didion (River)
Allie is from Huntington Beach, CA. She recently finished up her
bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation Management at
Northern Arizona University. She has a passion for working with
kids. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, roller skating, camping,
and cooking. She is looking forward to continuing to work with
kids and expanding her outdoor education knowledge.
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Angela Trejo (Desert)
Angela has a B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in HydroScience from the University of Texas at El Paso. Her interests include environmental health and waste management. She enjoys working with kids and aspires to be a seventh-grade science teacher in the future. In her free time, she likes to draw, read, and bake.
Portrait of Eva

Eva Dagman (Beaver)
Eva has always been a passionate nature lover and has been
camping with family since a very young age. She comes from a
multi-cultural background, having been born in Israel to Russian
parents and then as an early teen immigrating to CA. Her love for
the outdoors and travel inspired her to study Physical Geography at
San Francisco State University, which then led her to travel the
world independently for a year and a half, teaching English and
volunteering at various farms around the world. Teaching
continued to be a huge part of her life as she went on to
become a private English tutor in Australia and then a wheel pottery
instructor in California.

Portrait of Hannah Sue
Hannah Sue Hulpke (Poppy)
Hannah Sue grew up in Long Beach, California as a city girl. She 
started out as a classroom teacher and wanted to expand beyond the 
four walls. With a passion for hiking, camping, and backpacking, she
loves to help others see the wonders of the outdoors and share ways 
we can help respect and protect our wild spaces for generations to come. 
Having recently earned her B.S. in Recreation Administration, she is 
excited to join the education team at S.O.S.!
Portrait of Leilani

Leilani Traynor-Kilroy (Blackberry)

Leilani grew up in Reno, Nevada, and graduated from Gonzaga 
University with a BA in Environmental Studies. She enjoys spending 
time outdoors, especially taking short solo hikes and anything that 
lets her spend time at the beach or in the water. She loves to read, 
cook, and to catch up on TV she’s inevitably missed. She’s worked at 
an outdoor-oriented summer camp since 2017, which is what really 
convinced her that she liked working with kids in the great outdoors.

Portrait of Regina
Regina Lobner (Crow)
Regina was born and raised in Wisconsin, and recently got her BS in
Environmental Education and Interpretation at University of
Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Through her work experiences she’s
learned that she loves sharing with people her passion for wildlife
and all things nature. She’s gotten the opportunity to teach about
everything from turkey vultures to sea turtles during her past
internships and is so excited to learn more about the Sierra Nevada
region and its unique ecology and history through SOS. When she is
not out exploring and looking for birds, she enjoys reading,
working on her artwork or cooking a new dish to try.
Portrait of Sara
Sara Lynch (Moss)
Sara grew up in the city of Chicago, IL and was exposed to camping through her very active Girl Scout troop. Sara's appreciation for the outdoors and passion for girl empowerment led her to become a resident summer camp counselor in 2018. As a backpacking guru, Sara guided many trips through the Midwest and more recently, Colorado. Sara received her B.A. in Elementary Education and plans on becoming a third-grade teacher. Sara can't wait to explore the Stanislaus Forest and make new friends with the students and staff at SOS.

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