Ray Lassor


Ray is the guy who keeps the many SOS vehicles operating safely, including our fleet of buses. He can also be found helping out on all sorts of maintenance and facility projects.  When not at work, you might find him on a bicycle or a motorcycle. Long ago he was given the nature name "Sting Ray".

Ryan Cook

Ryan enjoys building and fixing almost anything, so he keeps busy here. He also loves being outdoors, and at SOS we get all four seasons. For recreation, Ryan goes hiking, mountain biking, plays various sports, and just about anything else.


Tony Ruff


Tony is our Building Maintenance Mechanic, he is the one that keeps this place running. He is responsible for all electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, heating, cooling and building maintenance at SOS.  He is also a skilled craftsman and enjoys building stuff with lumber that he harvests and mills right here on site.   When not at work, he can be found at home building his new home for his wife and five children. 

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