SOS Store

 After breakfast on the last day of your school's visit, the SOS Store will be open. The items in stock may change, but here is an idea of what we typically carry. Prices are included so you can plan ahead.


Stone Animals $4.00

Small Agate Slates $4.00

Medium Agate Slates $6.00

Large Agate Slates $8.00

Agate Key Chains $3.00






SOS Short-sleeve T-Shirts $15.00

SOS Day Pack $12.00

SOS Water Bottles $3.00

SOS Carabiner Key Chain $3.00

SOS Pencils $1.00

Obsidian $1.00

Arrowheads $2.00

Owl Pellet Kit $3.00

Tree Cookie Necklace $2.00

After lunch, the Snack Cart is available. Here students can purchase nutritious snacks and drinks. Note: there are apples provided during afternoon classes for snack.

Items on cart are either $2 or $3 and can vary. It generally includes beef jerky, chips, sunflower seeds, sparkling juice and other goodies.

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