Challenge Course

Looking at renting our facilities? We would be happy to host your group and give you a chance to challenge yourselves and grow in ways you never imagined possible. Below you can get an idea of the different high ropes activities we offer. Please contact us with questions and to arrange the perfect challenge experience for your group.


This climb is a challenge as the object you climb twists and turns with every move you make! The centipede consists of three 4"x4" beams hung vertically with rock climbing holds attached. Pictured above, in the center.

Education } Adventure (giants ladder).jpg

Giant's Ladder

Learn the importance of team work climbing this ladder of giant proportions, as it can only be accomplished with a little help from your friend.


High Ropes

Encourage participants to face their fears on our High Ropes course. Participants get harnessed up, learn basic belay commands, and begin climbing. Choose either the Burma Bridge (a cable and rope bridge) or the Catwalk (a large beam) to get to the Crow's Nest. Here, our staff will then hook you into our 300' zip line! Participants will learn to encourage each other, assist each other in getting on and off the course, and challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone.


Inclement weather? Multiple groups? No problem! We have an indoor climbing gym with multiple routes. Participants can climb, choosing their own challenges along the way, and when they make it to the top, they can sit on a platform surveying the gym and the tiny world below them.



Power Pole

For small groups of 7th-12th graders. This element ups the challenge by requiring participants to climb a pole, stand on top (with nothing to hold on to), and then jump off to try to catch a trapeze bar.

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Climbing Wall

Participants will learn basic climbing skills and have the opportunity to challenge themselves on one or two routes on our outdoor climbing wall. Also on our Adventure page.

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