Field Trip

What better way to get connected to the outdoors than by taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that are a just a short bus ride away?


Columbia State Historic Park

Spend either a full or half day exploring one of the most successful Gold Rush towns. Walk through history as our instructors give a guided tour of this important historic site. We can schedule a variety of options for your visit here including:

  • History Tour

  • Schoolhouse Presentation (An historic reenactment of school in 1861, in the original schoolhouse-- extra fees apply)

  • Cemetery Tour 

  • Hidden Treasure Gold Panning and/or demos (extra fees apply)

  • Extra time to shop and explore the town yourself!

serpentine heart.jpg

Stories in Stone

This is a free one hour long class on Geology that takes place in a gem of a store located in Angel's Camp. Participants will learn how we are connected to, and are actually part of, the earth we live upon.  Classes are presented by Russ: a geology enthusiast for over 7 decades, and a man full of rock solid knowledge. 


Moaning Cavern stairs.jpg

Moaning or Mercer Caverns

For a small fee you can take a guided tour through caves exploring amazing rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites, and witness the impressive work water does over time. (This image was taken by Dave Bunnell showing Moaning Cavern)


Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Take this half day trip to receive a mile tour of a grove that is home to some of the largest trees in the world. You guessed it...  giant sequoias!


Pinecrest Lake Trail

This full day field trip enters the Emigrant National Forest at 5,600 feet elevation. Take a guided nature hike on this four mile loop trail around Pinecrest Lake, surrounded by granite and tall pines.

Some field trips have extra fees that will apply. For any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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