Gold Rush Night Classes

Each evening you can choose up to 2 classes, evening classes are 1 hour long each.



Students travel through time as they learn traditional folk and line dances that people of the Gold Rush Era would have learned. Complete with historically accurate costumes, dance moves, and music... it's hard to believe it's not 1850.


Night Hike

Take your students on a wonderful hike exploring the world of nocturnal animals and their amazing adaptations. Activities are designed to allow students to challenge their senses to get a feel for what it's like to be a nocturnal creature out in the night!


Owl Pellets

For a lab fee of $1 Students get a chance to learn about owls and their amazing adaptations that allow them to be such successful hunters. After an exploration into the ecology of Owls, students get the opportunity to be scientists investigating barn owl pellets from Washington and discovering the ecosystem from which they come from.


Historic Storyteller

For an extra fee (prices vary depending on the presenter), choose to bring history to life with a presenter who tells stories of the Gold Rush.  Click on their links below to learn more about them. SOS will schedule the storyteller, the visiting school will be responsible for payment directly to the storyteller at the time of service. 

Friendly Fire

Hardluck Lin

Cynthia Restivo



Gold Rush Game Show

This fun class is designed like Jeopardy, and is tailored to quiz your students on what they learned while here at SOS.



End your stay here with an educational campfire that will be tailored to review all of the day classes you took here. You will act, dance, sing, laugh, learn, and create memories at the oldest and most cherished outdoor tradition: a beautiful campfire.



For a $1 lab fee students will learn about the Miwok tribe and how they use flintknapping to carefully carve and create arrowheads to hunt for food. After an enticing lesson and careful guiding on how to correctly carve, students will get the chance to carve their own piece of obsidian into an arrowhead.


Star Watch

Take advantage of being in the mountains at 4,100 feet. We take students up to the ballfield where they are greeted by a blanket of stars (and sometimes Planets, and views of the Milky Way Galaxy). Students will get a chance to learn stories of constellations, look through telescopes, and learn some basic astronomy.


Mountain Madness

The title says it all. Students participate in a series of relay races and pure silliness in our gymnasium. Complete with great music and dancing.

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