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Sierra Outdoor School (SOS) provides hands-on educational experiences for students of any age! With three unique programs available, schools are able to tailor their time at SOS for their students' specific needs. As part of Clovis Unified School District, we not only cater to schools belonging to the district, but many other schools as well, providing an experience of a lifetime in Stanislaus National Forest. Our Science Program is full of hands-on exploration of the surrounding forest and student comprehension of the Next Generation Science Standards. Our Gold Rush Program is designed for students to experience the California Gold Rush firsthand, where they learn how to use various mining tools, explore the historic Gold Rush town of Columbia, and dive into the life of a miner. Our Adventure Program challenges students during a variety of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, high ropes challenge course, kayaking, and team challenges. The Adventure Program is designed for students to develop important team building skills and lifelong memories while learning more about their classmates, themselves, and the importance of stepping out of their comfort zone.

We are also available to host camps, weddings, meetings, conferences and other events throughout the summer and on the weekends during the school year. If interested, check out our Facilities.

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Our Location

At 4,100 feet, our campus is part of the Stanislaus National Forest in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We are in Gold Rush country, about 30 minutes from the historic towns of Sonora and Columbia, and two hours from Yosemite National Park.

Why should I bring my students?

Outdoor Schools are an important aspect to the development and growth of your students. By experiencing science and the Gold Rush first-hand, everything the students have learned in the classroom and textbooks come to life. Through activities, games, observation, and exploration your students will create lasting memories and enrich their education tenfold. When you send your child to an Outdoor School, they will return a new person. Here they get a chance to be more independent, to try new things, and spend quality time with their classmates and friends. Your students will come back with memories of a lifetime, more confident and independent, with a stronger connection to what they are learning and to the world they live in. While at SOS, they will be housed in dormitories with bathrooms and showers, where they are supervised by parent chaperones. In our dining hall, they will be fed ample nutritious food in a family style setting. Thank you for giving your students this opportunity, and trusting in us to provide the best outdoor experience possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide, in an outdoor setting, a science-based educational experience in which one learns how to respect one's self, others, and the environment.

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